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Connecticut Baseball School



June 22-25 & June 28- July 1

Starting in the summer of 2018, the Connecticut Baseball School expanded its offerings to the youth of the state with camps for ages 9 - 12. The camp is centered on the "A.C.E." philosophy of UConn baseball: instilling a set of values that create a great ATTITUDE, CONCENTRATION, and EFFORT and develop fundamentally sound baseball players in a safe and fun environment. The camps will accommodate players of all ability levels from the novice player to the more serious athlete. In our youth camps, we emphasize skill development, growing each child's love for baseball, and having fun.

Players will benefit from the individually tailored instruction in a safe and disciplined learning environment. They will take part in a series of drills that will fine tune both their offensive and defensive skills. There will also be modified games played each day as well. Teams will be divided up by age to ensure safety for all campers.

Camp Details

Youth Camp 1: June 22-25(Berlin,CT)
Youth Camp 2: June 28-July 1 (Waterford,CT)
Youth Camp 3 : June 28 - July 1 (Prospect,CT)
9:00- noon
Bill Petit Baseball Complex
33 Colonial Dr Berlin, CT 06037
Quaker Hill Little League Conference
284 Bloomingdale Rd, Quaker Hill, CT 06375
Fusco Field,
92 Talmadge Hill Rd,Prospect,CT 06712
Age: 7 - 12
$195, $150 if multiple siblings signup ss

Youth Camp 1 - June 22-25 (Berlin)


Youth Camp 2 - June 28-July 1 (Waterford)


Youth Camp 3 - June 28-July 1 (Prospect)


Baseball Camp Curriculum:

UConn Baseball coaches and players will break down our camp instruction to include the following areas of the game: throwing/catching, fielding, hitting, base running, and pitching. Sportsmanship, confidence, and fair play will be developed and enhanced throughout our fourĀ­ day program.


Throwing and catching will be taught through proper instructions of mechanics. A series of throwing drills will be used to enhance each player's ability to throw properly. Competitive and fun skill games will be incorporated to assess how each camper is progressing.


Fielding skills will be enhanced with a series of drills designed to develop proper footwork and soft hands. Several games such as knock-out, run and catch, and angle drills will be used to enable each camper to have fun and get better simultaneously.


Hitting is considered the most fun and hardest aspect of the game. We will teach stance, load and all swing components through a series of hitting drills, pepper drills, tee drills, front toss, soft toss and live arm hitting. Fun games will be included to increase the hitters' level of enjoyment and mental focus.

Base Running:

Base running is an often neglected but extremely important part of the game. We will teach every camper how to take leads, steal bases, how to take a proper turn, tag-ups, run downs, and getting from home to first. Relay races and sliding drills will be used to enhance each player's ability to run effectively.


Pitching is the most important part of baseball and pitchers are the players who really control the pace and flow of the game. Pitching drills will include a throwing program, grips, the proper steps of pitching mechanics, arm angles, and types of pitches thrown. The art of pitching is a long process, but we will teach our campers the basics to get them started on the right path.

We intentionally focus on these five skills as they are the foundations to the game of baseball and essential for players to practice as they progress to higher levels of play.

We will provide valuable insight on everything from strategy of the game, mental tips to help players focus, pregame preparation, and most of all, how to make this great game fun!

Connecticut Baseball School events are open to any and/or all entrants, limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender.

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